Benvenuto in Ad Maiora Experience


If you are browsing our site it is probably because you have already stayed in one of our facilities or soon will.
We thank you, not only for the trust and attention placed in us, but above all because you are contributing to the conservative recovery of the Italian historical, real estate and cultural heritage.
Yes, that's right, go proud and happy. Whether you are Italian or foreign, as Dostoevsky said, "beauty will save the world". And beauty belongs to everyone, it has no borders or flags.
We deal with hospitality, but above all we aim to redevelop abandoned, uninhabited properties to give them a new, dignified, shared life. Let us therefore avoid building new buildings, occupying new land and soil, actively contributing to preserving the environment and the world we inhabit.
We therefore thank you for your "unknowing" but important support, which is fundamental for continuing this exciting mission. The future will hold new challenges for us, with the aim of living up to your expectations, always offering you exclusive, ethical and exciting stays.

Ad maiora Semper,

Ferrari Family